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    Zen Green CBD It also makes the user feel less "bad" and provides a clearer "high", but eating too much can lead to feeling dizzy. This may be important for those who suffer from insomnia and need help to get a good night's rest. Getting higher levels of CNB in plants as a grower is not that difficult and should definitely be considered when planting! When exposed to air or UV light for a long period of time, the plant's THC transforms CBN. Waiting a little longer when the plants are harvested will then produce buds with a higher CBN content, when the trichomes have turned a more amber color instead of the usual white / clear. Flowers or buds that are exposed to more air during the drying / curing process are also known to have higher levels of CBN. CBN has a large number of benefits, as does CBD and THC. Obtaining buds with a higher CBN content is definitely a matter to consider for all growers in some crop and users should definitely look for grass with more CBN simply to give it a try. Cannabis can help with many different types of problems and these compounds are what make it possible. Knowing what they do and how they affect the person when ingested is very important. CBN is as important as THC and CBD when it comes to medical marijuana. Medicinal cannabis consciousPatients taking cannabidiol (CBD) together with clobazam whose best known brand is Frisium may experience an increase in the latter's levels. Doctors from the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, treated 13 children with refractory epilepsy with CBD and clobazam, and found elevated levels of clobazam. Both medications are degraded in the liver by the enzyme and therefore compete for the function of this protein. The average increase in clobazam levels after 4 weeks of treatment was with great variability sometimes reaching much higher. Nine of the 13 subjects had a seizure decrease greater than which corresponds to a 70% response rate.

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