6 Different Types of Cardigan that Coming in 2021

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    6 Different Types of Cardigan that Coming in 2021

    Cardigans do not just protect your upper body from the sunlight and cold weather but it is a great layer to make your looks more sophisticated that pulls everything together perfectly. All you need is to choose which one is you and what is coming now, so let’s take a look at our sharing idea with 6 different types of cardigans that coming in 2021 below.

    1. Boxy Cardigan : Although boxy cardigans are larger than your body, it is going to be cool if you match them in the right way, not sloppy. Style it for your office days to wear them over your favorite shirts, dress, pants, or make them more casual to team up with a pretty floral blouse, jeans, and slip-on.

    2. Cropped Cardigan : Do not just look for a loose style because the cropped fit can work with any look. Just begin with something easy like pairing a cropped cardigan with tie-front fastening and a strappy inside, or you can layer it over your favorite dress, depending on your occasions. This will give you a modern and fresh look that you should not miss.

    3. Long Cardigan : Long cardigans are perfect for any season and it looks more relaxed and stylish. Make the night out to mix a long cardigan in animal prints with a tucked lace top in a pair of leather pants from H&Mand finish them with heels, or brighten up your look in the day with a V-neck tee, denim shorts, and white trainers.

    4. Puff-sleeved Cardigan : The voluminous puff sleeves are not limited to the tops or dresses only but also the cardigans that you will love to wear! Go for a pretty top inside and top with fluffy puff-sleeved cardigans. Fill up your lower part with a mini skirt in a flannel pattern and complete with loafers or trainer to make different looks you need.

    5. Hooded Cardigan : Change from simple hoodies to hooded cardigans that you should own! It is perfect to wear with a black sheer top, ankle jeans, and chunky low-heeled shoes. Stay in sport style to top it over your favorite tees, pull-on trousers, and trainers.

    6. Oversized Cardigan : The oversized cardigans have to be mixed with the fitting outfit, so wear them with a cropped strappy top and skinny jeans, or make it more feminine to wear a fitting dress and ankle boots. Just try it out!

    We hope you enjoy withcardigan style in 2021 that we have shared with you today. Looking for new stylish and practical cardigans to wear, right? Check out our online shopping (More information : https://th.hm.com/en_th/) store to find all about cardigans and other statement pieces.

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